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Meet John

As a young and driven candidate, John Burrows is eager to bring a fresh perspective to Congress as he runs in California's 20th District. Born and raised in Fresno, John is deeply connected to the Central Valley community. His family has been here for over 4 generations, and John has spent his entire career advocating for the families who have been overlooked by current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


John began his higher education journey at the State Center Community College District, where he excelled academically and professionally working as a tutor. This laid the foundation for his future success. He then transferred to the University of California, Santa Cruz to pursue a bachelor’s degree and returned to the Central Valley upon graduating to work as an organizer and public relations specialist, supporting various public interest causes. 


Most recently, John served as a Public Relations Director for the City of Fresno, where he has helped bring affordable housing projects to the city, promoted transparency in local government, and organized numerous community events to increase neighborhood engagement. In 2021, John founded his own public affairs business and continues to assist a wide range of causes, organizations, and businesses, including farmers and political candidates.


As a successful entrepreneur and experienced public servant, John is uniquely qualified to represent the people of the 20th District in Congress. He has a deep understanding of the local economy and is committed to working with lawmakers from both parties to deliver results for the hardworking families of the Central Valley. John is unapologetically pro-choice and will fight for issues such as social security, healthcare, and the environment, as well as for the rights of veterans and for voting rights for all Americans.


Thanks to the support of dedicated volunteers and grassroots donors, John is confident that he can retire Kevin McCarthy and bring much-needed change to the 20th District. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve his community and is ready to hit the ground running on day one to deliver on his promises.

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