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John Burrows Suspends Campaign for CA-20

Fresno, CA – John Burrows has suspended his campaign for Congress in California's 20th District and endorsed Marisa Wood. He issued the following statement:

“Running this campaign for the Central Valley has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Over the last 10 months, I’ve driven up and down the 4 counties of the 20th district connecting with voters and sharing a message for change. The stories of the working-class families that are the backbone of this campaign and the backbone of the Central Valley continue to inspire me daily.

Throughout this period, our efforts have included knocking on thousands of doors, registering hundreds of new voters—primarily young individuals who will cast their votes for the first time come March—and being present in every corner of the Central Valley.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will be withdrawing my candidacy for the 20th Congressional District. With the recent announcement that Speaker Kevin McCarthy is retiring, the dynamics of this race have shifted. After consultation with my campaign team, House Democratic Leadership, and Democratic Pollsters and Statisticians, it is apparent that multiple Democrats running in a primary election to succeed Speaker McCarthy will likely box out any Democrat from making the top 2 Runoff General Election.

The Central Valley can’t afford to choose between two MAGA
Republicans. Democratic Values and principles must be on the ballot. 
After much deliberation, it is evident that Bakersfield School Teacher Marisa Wood gives our party the best opportunity at this time. Therefore, I am wholeheartedly throwing my support behind Marisa Wood and encouraging my supporters to do the same. The Valley has an opportunity to turn the page from decades of stagnant leadership and Marisa gives us an opportunity to do so. The Democratic Party is at its best when it’s united!

Although I am stepping back from this race, my commitment to the Valley remains steadfast. To my supporters and campaign team, I will emphasize again as I have done throughout the entirety of this campaign, the mobilization of young people is the linchpin to turning the Central Valley blue. I will work tirelessly towards the goal of making sure we get as many as possible out to vote in 2024, supporting Marisa Wood in flipping CA-20 Blue and also ensuring we elect Adam Gray in CA-13 and Rudy Salas in CA-22. Change has been long overdue in the Valley, and in 2024, together, we will finish the job.


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